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Brittany Forbes

Estate Planning Team Lead

Brittany Forbes is our Estate Planning Team Lead. Brittany is currently pursuing her master’s in management from Middle Georgia State University. Having initially joined our team as a Front Desk Assistant in 2020 during the challenging COVID-19 Pandemic, Brittany returned in 2023 to further contribute her exceptional skills and expertise to our estate planning department. Passionate about enhancing business processes, Brittany actively works towards streamlining our firm's operations and reducing drafting time. She collaborates closely with our attorney, specializing in estate planning, asset protection, and business formation. Brittany's meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure that our clients' legal needs are met with utmost precision and efficiency.


In her free time Brittany enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Tanner. Brittany also stays actively involved in community engagement. She proudly served on the Basketball Sports Committee for the 2022 USA Special Olympic Games, reflecting her deep dedication to working with and supporting individuals with special needs. This commitment exemplifies Brittany's compassionate nature and her desire to make a positive impact beyond the legal realm.

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