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Ashley Tempel

Marketing Director

Ashley's journey with Moody & Associates began in 2015 as an administrative/legal assistant. She proved her mettle by successfully managing the challenges that accompanied our substantial growth. Ashley achieved her Master's Degree in Business Administration in May 2021. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Service and an Associate Degree in Business Management.

After several years in her role as legal assistant where she had a hand in each area of law at the firm, Ashley transitioned from legal assistant to Marketing Director in 2023. Now, as Marketing Director, she guides our marketing strategy to enhance brand recognition, engage clients, and contribute thoughtful insights within the legal realm. Ashley's collaborative spirit is seamlessly woven into our legal team, aligning marketing efforts with our goals. Her dedication to professionalism and clear communication enhances the synergy between marketing and the exceptional legal services we offer. 

In her free time, Ashley enjoys being outdoors, cooking, exercising with her dog Bentley, and spending time with family and friends. 

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