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About Our Firm

Moody & Associates is experienced in all probate matters and is accustomed to litigating contested estates and guardianships. Our attorneys specialize in estate planning, and our firm takes on all manner of issues involving trusts - whether it be to carefully draft a document to create a lasting legacy or to carry a matter of interpretation to a jury. We zealously advocate for adopting parents and stand ready and willing to advocate for widows, orphans, and the disabled.

Our Team

Our team is experienced, knowledgable, and accomplished. Read on to get to know each of us a bit better.


Rebecca C. Moody

Founding Attorney

Rebecca is experienced in all estate matters and accustomed to litigating contested estates, construction negligence, matters involving life insurance policies and property insurance claims. She takes on all manner of issues involving Trusts, whether it be to carefully draft a document to create a lasting legacy or to carry a matter of interpretation to a jury. She has years of experience handling federal regulations and disputed issues relative to those regulations.

Becky was raised in Macon County and is happily married to Kyle Moody who was raised in Baldwin County. Kyle and Becky met at Robins Air Force Base. They have two daughters, Savanna and Emily, and beloved nephew, Christian. Savanna is a lawyer at the Public Defender's Office, Emily is lead digital storyteller at The Female Quotient, and Christian just graduated from Perry High School.

Contested Estates      Estate Planning
Insurance Claims

U.S. Army Achievement Medal

The Meritorious U.S. Service Medal

The Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award


Other awards include The WR-ALC Outstanding Civilian Service Award, The American Bar Association Legal Assistance Award, and The IRS District Director Award


Jessica Wade
Attorney at Law 

Jessica is a graduate of the Mercer University Law School. Her areas of practice include Estate Planning, Probates and Guardianships. Jessica expertly guides clients through the probate process of becoming named as Executor or Administrator. She also assists clients with more complicated Probates that become contested matters, ensuring clients are well informed throughout the entire process. For her Estate Planning clients, she listens to their goals and plans the best way to protect their legacy. She is client-focused, committed to representing your best interests, and looks forward to resolving your legal issues.

  Jessica received her Bachelors from Auburn University and her Juris Doctor from Mercer University. It should be no surprise, therefore, that her favorite team is the Auburn Tigers. She, her husband, Ben, and their son, Chase, are active members of their church and enjoy spending their free time with family and friends.

Probates  |  Estate Planning


Madelyn Crowell-Holt
Legal Assistant 

Madelyn is in the process of receiving her Business Administration degree from Middle Georgia State University. She joined the firm in 2019, and has been a vital part of helping Moody & Associates move towards online services during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Madelyn works closely with our attorneys to draft estate planning documents, and she specializes in Probates. She is head of our online communication services, and is the link between our clients and our employees. In her free time, Madelyn enjoys making sushi with her fiancé Matthew and spending time with her dog, Luna.


Ashley Tempel
Legal Assistant 

Ashley Horton graduated with her Master's Degree in Business Administration in May of 2021. Prior to, she graduated summa cum laude ​with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Service, and an Associate Degree in Business Management. Ashley joined the firm in 2015 and tackled the myriad of responsibilities that come with a surge in growth. 


As our firm’s senior legal assistant, Ashley works closely with our attorneys on estate planning, asset protection, and business formation as well as assisting with both Probate Court and Superior Court matters.


Lori Hardy

Office Administrator 

Lori Hardy assists clients with real estate transactions filed with the Court such as deeds to trusts, survivorship affidavits, property redemption rights, and petitions to partition undivided interests. Lori also manages internal office systems such as engagement letters, invoicing, and other areas requiring the implementation of standard operating procedures. 

Lori is a songbird. She enjoys singing in the Crossroads United Methodist Church praise band. Her favorite team is the Georgia Southern Eagles. She and Clive Hardy, an industrial engineer, have been happily married since 1995. She would tell you they have been blessed with two wonderful children born on the same day four years apart.


Emily Moody

I/O Developer

Emily has a Bachelors degree in I/O Psychology and a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Enterprise Development. Her contributions to the Moody & Associates team include keeping us as up to date as possible with the technology we use, ensuring all our online platforms are kept fresh, and looking for the "next best thing" for the firm.

Emily enjoys hiking, DIYing, and graphic design. She is also Co-Founder of the nonprofit, Talents Empowered

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